Quick service, lots of options, friendly movers and great value, Moving Kensington has everything I was looking for.
Bruce Rally26/02/2018
You could go through loads of removal companies before hiring the right one. The first time I moved, I looked at hundreds of companies, settled on one and then was still disappointed. Moving Kensington is a fantastic company that uses only professionals. The staff worked as a team and I am very happy with the services provided to me. A great company!
Paul White14/07/2015
Removals are a great company that I would highly recommend if you want moving services. I've used this company a couple of times in the past, and I'm always both surprised and impressed with their skills, proficiency and their friendly can-do attitudes. Too many removal companies put themselves first, but this is a service that will give you exactly what you need. Very, very happy with the help I've received from both movers and phone teams here, and I couldn't recommend them enough!
Mike R.08/04/2015
This is the first review I have written in years, but having hired KensingtonRemovals's man with a van yesterday I thought it only right that I let other people know what an amazing service this is. Can I firstly say that it is cheap! I have never found any professional moving services for as good a price as this. Yes you still have to put some effort in and get involved, but under the guidance of their 'man' everything is so easy. This guy had some serious knowledge! I was worried about getting my sofa out of my flat - no need! This man had the angles. Seriously recommended.
There's only so much I expect from a removals firm, but I must say that KensingtonRemovals were really a cut above anything we've ever seen before. I've moved a few times and there has never been anyone out there to help us as much as their great team. It might just be me having bad luck, but I was really surprised not only at how friendly and polite they were, but just how efficient they were. We were done in no time at all. They must surely be busy, so I would advise booking them up ASAP.
Sharon Clark07/02/2014
I was dreading moving house until I got the removals company booked. All I did was tell them that i was a bit concerned about sorting it all out by myself, and they gave me all sorts of advice on how to make things easier in the long run. I do not know what I would have done without them and their excellent words of wisdom! The actual move part was pretty easy, due to how well prepared they were, but the overall stress-free nature of the process was a nice change from how dreadful moving house usually is! Thanks so much to all there for their help.
Maria Sandow15/11/2013
In a sense, moving house is like chess. You have to think a few steps ahead in order to really get it beaten! The guys at KensingtonRemovals obviously play the removals game a lot, because they were always ready with an answer whenever I questioned something. Lo and behold, the whole thing went by really easily, and I had no issues with anything that they suggested or did. The move was easy on my part and the team were very hard working, so I can't really ask any more of anyone in such a situation, thanks to all there for making it so easy!
I hate moving house, so it was nice to find a company that could take all of the pain out of the process. I was able to put my feet up and drink tea all day because KensingtonRemovals were sorting everything out for me. I have no idea what I'm doing with packing and the like, so I got them to do it for me and voila, little bit of cash spent, nothing broken, which means cash saved, and no hassle. The team were really nice to deal with and the move went well, nothing more to say but cheers!
Gareth B.22/10/2013
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